25 July 2011

As Mentes da Insight | Insight's Master Minds

Hundredth Monkey from Insight Clothing on Vimeo.

Nova campanha da Insight | New Insight's campaign

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Falhaste a final Jordy vs Fanning?... | Missed the final Jordy vs Fanning?...

Bruce fala sobre Andy | Bruce talks about Andy

(photo: Cestari)

A revista STAB publica na sua última edição a primeira grande entrevista a Bruce Irons após a morte do seu irmão Andy.
O Surfology transcreve aqui  parte da conversa realizada por Sam McIntosh ao menino rebelde do surf mundial.
STAB magazine has in its last edition the first big interview with Bruce Irons after the death of his brother Andy.
Surfology gives you here part of that interview conducted by Sam McIntosh with the rebel surfer.

PART ONEHearing the news. Watching Andy’s kid get born. The first time Andy died.

Stab: Describe how you're feeling right now?Bruce: Fucking – without the f'ing – really good. I'm actually doing really good right now. Here. Happy. I'm in a good spot. I couldn't say that about a week ago. Well, y'know what, I have uh, I guess I was a little lost after my brother passed away. I just didn't want to believe it. It's still hard for me to believe. Feelings are a hard trip to deal with.

When I saw you at Pine Trees for Andy's service, you looked like you weren't even in your body.Oh, hell no. I think back to those first couple months and I can't even remember any of it. I had no feelings. I was trying to numb it. (Aggressively) It's just a fucking… I didn't want to believe. I just thought, "Nah, he's coming back from a trip." My brother was everything. I looked up to him, followed him, did everything. Then, all of a sudden… it's hard for me to even say the words. When I do stop and think about it now, I kinda go into depression. My whole life I never dealt with my feelings. Me and my brother never talked to each other about feelings. We never sat there and said, "Are you alright, brother?".

Did you think that any expression of your feelings would appear as a weakness?Yeah, it's like you're a pussy. Which is completely wrong. It's like everyone has these feelings and if you don't deal with 'em it feels like you're gonna go fucking crazy and that's what I was doing.

So, now both these sets of feelings have amplified and surfaced together? You know what? I was always worried about something with me or my brother. Something fucked up. I always thought something was gonna happen to either one of us. I really worried about my brother and sometimes I just laid in bed and really worried about him a lot of times. I always tried to prepare myself in case anything happened and which you can never prepare yourself for. A lot of nights I’d get a really weird feeling and call him up in the morning to make sure he was alright. Which he was.

Where were you when Andy died? Who told you?That was the worst day of my life. I was at home and it was two weeks after the thing we did at the Canaries (Bruce did a trip with Stab to the Canary Islands last year). I remember we went to the fair the night before – me, Mia and Kaimelia (wife and daughter) – Halloween fair and my daughter was all psyched. I was at home. I was in a deep sleep and it was about seven in the morning and I heard Lyndie at the door screaming. I came out of a dead sleep and as I came to it (Bruce snaps his fingers) – I instantly knew it. I heard her voice at seven in the morning, very pregnant, and it that split-second, I knew it. I knew instantly it was what it was. It's a fucking trip to wrap your head around it. Lyndie was very pregnant and I was trying to calm her down and it just didn't register. I had to call the coroner. It worked me. It tweaked me out. I was frantic and then it was, like, "Aha, no way this isn't happening." I was calming Lyndie and she was very, very pregnant and I was trying to make sure she and the baby were alright. It was horrible.

Describe the next few hours.It was fucked. So fucked. My brother was in Texas, he was dead and I talked to the coroner. I was like fuck, fuck, what the fuck happened? I was pissed off. Right away, I had the feeling I knew how he died. He died when he was 21 and no one really knows that story. He was in Indo after a trip. He was drinking a lot and was out of control. He'd snore when he was sleeping. I grew up next to him and he’d snore so hard. He'd do that thing (Bruce makes a snorting sound) and he'd stop breathing. It's this thing from sleeping on your back. Sleep apnea. It stops you breathing. If there's no one there to kick you, you stop breathing. I grew up sleeping next to it. I for sure thought that's what happened to him.
 Anyway, on his 21st birthday, he was with Archy (Matt Archbold) and Nathan Fletcher. Fuck, he drank a whole bottle of Jack Daniels on his own. Nathan wasn't drinking and he was sleeping in the same room as Nathan. Nathan was hearing all these growly snorts, then he didn't hear it for a long time and after a little while, he looked over and my brother was white with purple lips. Then Nathan slapped him, slapped him really hard. Then he got Kasey Curtis (also on the trip), cause he's a fireman. Then they took him to the shower naked, slapping him, he was purple in the shower. Long story short, he was unconscious and then they followed the ambulance to the hospital. He was on oxygen in the ambulance and he'd slip into these comas. His lung had collapsed. Then he flatlined. He was dead for six minutes. He was dead. My brother told me this story and he'd never told anyone else. My brother said, "Bruce, that white light, it's all totally real. When I died I went into this white light. I was warm and I looked down and I saw my dead body with all these tubes and all these people working on me. I was in that place. And, to tell the truth, I didn't want to come back. I was looking at my body, sitting on the table, dead. " And he really liked it.

Vasco soma e segue | Again Vasco Ribeiro

Vasco Ribeiro, surfista da Praia da Poça, venceu este fim-de-semana o Oakley Pro Junior, em La Zurriola, San Sebastian.
"Agora estou a sentir-me muito bem, porque não estava muito confiante quando vim para este evento. Parti as minhas pranchas todas antes e estava a experimentar uma nova. Felizmente houve umas ondas na final e consegui os scores para vencer por isso estou muito feliz", disse o surfista de 17 anos.
Vasco consegue desta forma consolidar a sua posição na liderança do circuito europeu pro junior, à medida que faltam apenas três eventos para o final do tour.


Portuguese Vasco Ribeiro won this weekend the ASP 2-Star Oakley Pro Junior San Sebastian in tricky 2-3ft peaks at the main event site of La Zurriola.
“I am feeling really good right now because I wasn’t feeling very confident coming into this contest. I broke all my boards just before so I was trying a brand new one but fortunately there were a few waves in the final and I got the scores and the victory so I am really happy.”, said the 17 year old surfer.
Ribeiro has extended his lead on the ASP Europe Men’s Pro Junior series and sits in a comfortable position heading into the final three events of the series. The top four European finishers qualifying for the ASP World Junior series.

Vasco Ribeiro a mostrar todo o potencial do surf português
Vasco Ribeiro showing off portuguese surf
(photo: Aquashot/aspeurope.com)

21 July 2011

Onde está o Kelly? | Were's Kelly?

Enquanto se aguarda pelo swell que deverá chegar amanhã a J-Bay para a competição ganhar fôlego, uma pergunta invadiu o local de prova na África do Sul: onde está Kelly?
O campeão mundial faltou à etapa do CT para ficar em Fiji a surfar.
Ouçam o que os colegas surfistas pensam disso.


Waiting for the swell that's going to hit J-Bay tomorrow and light fire into the competition, a question remained in the comp site in South Africa: were is Kelly?
The world champion was a no show in the CT event to remain surfing in Fiji.
Listen what his fellow surfers think about that.

13 July 2011

J-Bay está aí | Here´s J-Bay

Em vésperas do início da quarta etapa do Tour Mundial, desta vez em J-Bay, a prova é já marcada pela saída ainda por explicar de Dane Reynolds. Sorte para Cory Lopez que vem preencher a vaga deixada pelo norte-americano.
A saída de Reynolds veio igualmente mexer no seeding, com o Tiago Pires apontado para entrar no segundo heat do round 1, contra o seu amigo Jeremy Flores e o havaiano Fred Pattachia.
Entretanto, fiquem com um pequeno vídeo sobre a mítica prova.
One day before the start of the 4th stop of the World Tour, in J-Bay, the event has been marked by the withdraw from competition of Dane Reynolds. Lucky Cory Lopez that moves up to fill Reynolds spot.
The Reynolds out of the competition, there have been some changes on the seeding and Tiago Pires is now schedual to enter in heat 2 of round 1, against his good friend Jeremy Flores and hawaiian Fred Pattachia.
Meanwhile, here's a small video about the event.

Webisode 01 - All Eyes Focused on Jeffreys Bay and the Billabong Pro from Billabong USA on Vimeo.